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Rustic Art Populaire Table - 19th Century

Art Populaire; Rustic; Monoxylite; Console; Dining Table; Table; France; Auvergne; Wabi Sabi; Naive; Folk Art; Travail Populaire;

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Rustic Art Populaire Table - 19th Century

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19th-century Auvergne table or console, a true testament to the rich heritage of French craftsmanship. This remarkable piece, hailing from the renowned region of Auvergne, captures the essence of the era with its timeless design and solid wood construction. The table's two sliding drawers offer not only functional storage but also a glimpse into the past, where intricate details and impeccable artistry were celebrated. Carefully handcrafted, this table showcases the expert joinery techniques of the time, ensuring its durability and longevity.



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W 192 cm, D 75 cm, H 74 cm

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