Goldwood by Boris

Founded by Boris Devis, a Belgian selector, and aficionado, it quickly became a place for true selectors and fanatics.

Under the vision of Boris, the house reformulated their approach on Mid Century Design. A market that felt saturated with the uninspiring dull that was created for the many soon became the pinnacle for the few, the eclectic and the mad. Representing the thrive of craftsmanship and design with a most personal selection of fascinating and intriguing pieces.

With a rapidly growing collection, it’s clear that Boris’s aesthetic presents itself in a mixture of styles, hand-selected pieces with highlights in fields of fashion, architecture, art & design. True cohesion can be found through the detail in every genre, mostly looking at the affection of a piece and the intensity of the design.

It’s all about sourcing what we admire
and nourishing what we love!

Championing a more "pragmatic" approach to design, Boris and his team reflect a down to earth nature that is inherent in their own personas. A reflection that clearly is one of the reasons his collection propelled to world-class status in just short of a decade.