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Travail Populaire; Art Populaire; Rustic; Rural; Wabi Sabi; Antique; 19th Century; Benches; Monoxylite; Folk Art;

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Pair of Rustic Travail Populaire Benches - 19th Century

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Rustic travail populaire benches from 19th century France, each adorned with a backrest, whispering tales of bygone eras.These time-worn treasures bear the marks of their journey through time, boasting original condition that renders them truly exceptional. Their aged patina, a testament to the passage of centuries, imbues these benches with an unparalleled charm. Embrace the rustic elegance of 19th-century France with this pair of travail populaire benches. The price includes both benches, inviting you to infuse your space with the enchantment of history and the allure of their aged patina.


S: W 160 cm, D 43,5 cm, H 61 cm, SH 40 cm

L: W 240 cm, D 46,5 cm, H 65 cm, SH 40 cm



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W 240 cm, D 46,5 cm, H 65 cm, SH 40 cm

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