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Side Table; Rio De Janeiro; Brazil; Hardwood; Mid-Century Modern; Bench; Sérgio Rodrigues; Minimalist; Wood; Veneer; Manchete Building; Oscar Niemeyer;

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'Eleh' Side Table by Sérgio Rodrigues - 1960s

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'Eleh' side table, crafted by the renowned Brazilian hardwood master Sérgio Rodrigues (1914-2012), is an extraordinary and highly unique piece. With its veneer-covered wood box and solid wood legs, this side table from the 1960s showcases Rodrigues' exceptional talent for working with tropical woods in innovative ways. Its visually striking design effortlessly commands attention in any interior. Moreover, its inherent versatility allows it to function as both a practical surface for displaying decorative items and as a seating option, adapting seamlessly to various living spaces and design preferences.

Originally conceived to complement the architectural vision of Oscar Niemeyer in the renowned Manchete building, this bench represents the pinnacle of design and aesthetics from the prosperous decades of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The Manchete building stood as the distinguished headquarters of Bloch Enterprises, a dominant force in the Brazilian communications industry during that era. Inside, the meticulous selection of furnishings by Sérgio Rodrigues, including tables and chairs, harmoniously coexisted with awe-inspiring artworks by esteemed artists like Cândido Portinari, creating an enchanting and captivating interior.

Furthermore, this exceptional side table holds an extraordinary place in terms of ownership, having been acquired during the initial wave of available pieces when the Manchete building was sold. Several years ago, a limited number of these remarkable items became available, further enhancing their exclusivity and rarity.

The acquisition of this remarkable 'Eleh' bench allows one to embrace the memories of a bygone era, appreciating the exceptional craftsmanship and artistic grandeur that once adorned the iconic Manchete building in Rio de Janeiro.



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W 302 cm, D 95 cm, H 43 cm

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